Solid Plastering vs Plasterboard

We can plaster Auckland properties by either undertaking solid plastering or installing plasterboard. You might be wondering which of these approaches would be suitable for your home or workplace if there’s a wall or ceiling requiring plastering before painting or decorating.

How Do These Plastering Methods Differ?

When people mention ‘plastering’, they are often referring to solid plastering specifically. ‘Solid plastering’ is also known as ‘wet plastering’, as it involves applying a wet material known as plaster. This material can then be left to dry and harden over four weeks.

On the other hand, plasterboarding involves affixing flat, lightweight plaster panels to the wall or ceiling. Following this, jointing compound is used to fill in the joints and screw holes, creating a level surface.

Which Would Be the ‘Best’ Plastering Method for Your Needs?

For the majority of plastering jobs, plasterboarding would suffice. A plasterboard — a wallboard panel sandwiching gypsum plaster between two paper layers — comes readymade and is easy to cut in line with dimensions of the space where it will be fitted.

Plasterboard is often the best option when time is of the essence, as the gypsum board can be put in place more quickly than wet plaster.

However, because wet plaster is, well, wet, it can be carefully moulded to ensure a smooth finish even on curved walls or ceilings. The pliability of wet plaster also makes it ideal for when you want to give your building an array of decorative or ornamental features in more elaborate designs.

In summary, wet plaster is generally considered a ‘higher-end’ choice compared to plasterboard, particularly because the former, once dry, tends to be more physically durable. Plasterboard, being lightweight, may be more susceptible to water or fire damage unless specifically engineered to resist such incidents.

Struggling to Choose Between Wet Plaster and Plasterboard?

If so, feel free to contact our skilled plasterers for expert advice. We can carry out solid plastering or plasterboarding work to a high standard in any residential, commercial or industrial building you own in Auckland. We offer free quotes over the phone on 0800 PLASTA.