The Advantages of Plaster: Why It’s a Timeless Choice

In the past, plaster was the go-to option for covering walls and ceilings inside a house, and while it might not be as popular an option since the inception of drywall, there are still a number of benefits that make plaster a timeless choice for any construction project.

As one of the top plasterers in West Auckland, we can tell you that plaster offers a multitude of advantages that can make it a superior option to drywall.

Read on to discover the many benefits of plaster, including when it was first used and why it’s been a timeless choice for construction projects for thousands of years.

When was plaster first used?

The use of plaster in construction dates all the way back to around 7,500 B.C., when wet mud was used for protection and decoration for shelters in the Middle East.

Since its inception all those years ago, the art of plastering has continued to be a popular choice for construction projects. Nowadays, plaster is made up of a number of materials, most commonly lime, gypsum and cement.

What are the advantages of plaster?

Plaster has begun to re-emerge as a popular choice for construction over drywall, thanks to a large number of advantages that can make it the best options for your walls and ceilings.

One of the biggest advantages of plaster over drywall is durability. While drywall is cheaper, it is often far less durable than plaster. If hit too hard, drywall can crumble easily, and can also be susceptible to fire and water damage.

Plaster, on the other hand, is designed to last for centuries. In fact, many historical homes still have their original plaster, and it’s often still in excellent condition.

Another advantage of plaster is in the ease with which it can be used for decoration. A pliable material, plaster can easily be moulded into many shapes and designs.

Finally, plaster installation is often considerably cleaner than drywall. While drywall can leave a lot of dust that must be cleaned up, plaster does not need to be sanded, making it a quicker and more efficient option.

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