The Different Types of Exterior Plaster

What is exterior plaster? This is basically a coating that can be applied to an outside surface of a building in order to provide a smooth finish as well as protection against the elements.

Below, we go into detail about various exterior plaster options we offer — and how they differ visually as well as in terms of practicality.

Cement Plaster

This type of plaster contains not only cement but also sand and water. The chosen ratio of these ingredients can depend on the sought-after finish and strength.

This resulting mixture will, once set, provide a high level of moisture resistance — no small boon in Auckland, where rain can often fall heavily.

Lime Plaster

If your building is relatively old, you can rest assured that lime plaster would be able to provide its external walls with a breathability that allows water trapped in them to evaporate. All of this, and lime plaster also comes with an organic and traditional appearance that looks ‘just right’ for period properties.

Acrylic Plaster

Acrylic plaster is a synthetic material — and, as a result, available in a vast range of colours and textures. Also, as this plaster is a little more physically flexible than conventional plasters, it outclasses them when it comes to resistance to cracking.

You also don’t have to fear the possibility of acrylic plasters fading quickly, given the UV resistance built into them.

Gypsum Plaster

This is not often applied to Auckland exteriors, and for good reason: it isn’t inherently resistant to water. Though gypsum plasters do set quickly, they ought to be reserved for protected outdoor areas. When undertaking outdoor application of a gypsum plaster, we always pair it with a protective paint or sealant.

Stucco Plaster

When laying a stucco plaster, we usually create three coats: the scratch coat, the fine coat (otherwise known as the brown coat) and the finishing coat (also called the white coat). All of that work is certainly worth it, however — as the finish left at the end of it all is excellent.

We are able to complete exterior plaster jobs to a high standard at a wide range of residential and commercial properties in Auckland. To learn about the finishes — including Sgraffito, sand finish and bag wash — that can be chosen for these jobs, too, please email [email protected].