The Pros & Cons of Plaster Cladding

Plaster cladding – also known as stucco or render – has been used as a finishing material in properties for centuries. It’s the perfect finish for any wall and façade, indoors and out. Nonetheless, like anything in construction, there’s always pros and cons to plaster cladding, especially when we consider how innovative other cladding solutions are at the moment!

Find out more, below.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Plaster cladding is versatile, and can create a number of aesthetically appealing finishes on your walls. It can be smooth, textured, patterned, tinted or painted; the options for customisation are almost limitless.
  • Weather Resistance: When used on a property’s façade, plaster cladding provides expert protection against the tough elements outside; rain, wind, sleet, snow and strong UV rays included. Your building will look brand-new for much longer.
  • Insulation: Depending on the thickness of the plaster cladding used, it can be effective at bolstering your property’s thermal insulation when used indoors. It regulates the temperature of your property, and improves your overall energy efficiency.


  • Cost: Compared to other finishing materials, the cost of plaster cladding can swiftly add up, particularly if you’d like intricate designs or more specialised techniques to be used. Always contract with a reputable plasterer, like we at Quality Plasterers in New Zealand, to be given an affordable and appropriate quote.
  • Cracking: Occasionally, plaster cladding is prone to cracking if the substrate beneath moves over time. To resolve this, periodic repairs are required, which is an additional expense. But, depending on the quality of your installation, cracking can – more often than not – be avoided.
  • Complex Installation: Applying plaster cladding requires a high level of experience (that can be difficult to find) as the risks of improper installation are manifold. Bad application causes cracking, poor adhesion and moisture problems, all of which will degrade your property over time.

Contact Quality Plasterers for plaster cladding of a high quality and lasting finish. As expert plasterers, we bring your property up to scratch before the decoration stage so your project can progress as quickly as possible.