What is Plaster?

Plaster is essentially a building material with which a wall or ceiling is coated, allowing for a protective or decorative finish. The Collins English Dictionary defines plaster as “a smooth paste of sand, lime, and water that hardens when dry.”

However, neither of these descriptions does justice to plaster’s sheer versatility. There are many types of plaster — and these can differ in their composition and applications.

How Can Plasters Differ?

Exactly what type of plaster you get will depend on the ‘ingredients’ you put in and the ‘recipe’ you follow. For example, you would make gypsum plaster — otherwise known as ‘plaster of Paris’ — by heating gypsum, while cement plaster simply combines sand, cement and water.

You can also categorise plasters by how they are meant to be used. Heat-resistant plaster is reserved for areas often exposed to high temperatures, while tough coat plaster is known for its impact resistance.

Easy-to-Overlook Merits of Plaster

On a basic level, plaster can provide a wall or ceiling with a smooth surface suitable for painting or wallpapering. Plaster provides a unique, textured appearance. The beauty and the potential of plaster can be somewhat overlooked.

There is a wide range of architectural mouldings including ceiling roses and cornices — that can be formed from plaster. Despite its ancient origins, plaster holds promise for old and new buildings alike.

Plaster is Difficult to Install

Often the surface being treated is so rough that multiple layers of plaster are required. Some plasters require a plasterer’s expert touch to avoid “cold joints” — areas where the plaster is weak.

If you are keen to take advantage of plaster’s beauty and long lifespan, you should consider having a professional undertake the plastering work on your behalf.

We at Quality Plasterers can send skilled plasterers to West Auckland homes and workplaces. You can trust us to complete either interior or exterior plastering work to high standards. For further details about our specialist expertise, please give us a call on 0800 PLASTA.